Coronavirus, 2020 Update:

There are no shows or events booked this summer. as a result of COVID -19, We hope that will change before the end of this summer !!.

We are still excepting orders, and will do our best to arrange and deliver any purchased item sold by us asap throughout the year as normal.

To purchase any of our products see contact details for more information, including all lists above.

Maintenance and repairs to all products made and sold by us or any appointed agents selling our products.

We are pleased to take advanced orders for Christmas. Delivery will be made with in the UK by our own courier, or a national carrier company, self collection also available.

Scotland can only be delivered by a national carrier, and Ireland is a door to door freight service only

Our products also make great birthdays, anniversary, and house moving presents, please ask for more information.


Here at Sherwood Lloyd, we design, manufacture and deliver bespoke high end garden products. Enjoying a long tradition of making bird tables, dovecotes, planters, and nesting boxes. some of our products are now marketed and sold under the name of Colins Bird Tables, a long established product, circa 2002 by colin.

Mission Statement.

All companies we buy from have and display an authenticity certificate for all woods and laminates purchased and sold, which traces the wood of a tree to a specific location somewhere in the world.

Where we can up-cycle or re-use old or antique wood for the re-purpose of a better product, too re-distribute and sell where posible all sawdust, wood shavings. and off cuts bits, for use on wood burner as an open fire fuels saurce, will always display the green re-cycle triangle clearly on the appropriate goods being sold where re-cycle materials have been used.

Our core Values.

As a business our core values represents the right to work, fair trade, value for money on all raw materials purchased and all products we sell.

We don't believe in child labour, or unfair slave labour practices anywhere, the dumping of wood waste products into landfill site were materials can be re-used.

We also sell kindling and small blocks for open fires and wood burners,. Also available are bags of sawdust fine or coarse available, soft wood shavings and wood chip, suitable for small pets. rabbits, mice. snakes, reptiles, horses etc etc.